Base Conversion Kit Ford Transit

Base Conversion Kit Ford Transit

Adventure Wagon

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Adventure Wagon Base Conversion Kits for Ford Transit

The Adventure Wagon Interior Kit is designed to be installed in a few weekends by a do-it-yourselfer, or in a few days by Nomad Vanz. The integrated system of wiring, ventilation, insulation, interior panels, and wall-to-wall anchor points provides a solid foundation behind your custom set-up. While the speed of install is a huge benefit, your van conversion will have a professional finish with no compromise to the fit or quality.

Innovative, configurable sleep and storage options allow you to set up your van as dictated by your next adventure. 

All Adventure Wagon Kits are made to order.  Please email to discuss your build.

To see a full Adventure Wagon Interior kit build done by Nomad Vanz please see this Gallery.

All Kits Include:


  • Complete wiring harness and accessories to power the van cabin.
  • Fully assembled and loomed harness
  • Leads for 2 fans, 6 lights, 4 USB ports, 4 12V ports, and for 2 accessories such as heater and sink
  • LED lights are dimmable and toggle switch to red.


  • Hushmat sound deadener
  • Laser cut Thinsulate wall and ceiling insulation to match the interior cavities with double sided adhesive tape
  • Reflectix for added sound and heat insulation on interior panels

More Details

  • Wall and Ceiling Bracers: powder coated, pre-assembled bracers used for L-track installation points. 
  • L-track are pre-cut and pre-drilled. 
  • Wall and ceiling panels  are 6 mm marine grade plywood panels, upholstered in your choice from 4 standard fabric colours.
  • Molded Trim:  Adventure Wagon designed and upholstered interior panels to complete areas above the sliding door, behind the driver position, and driver side crew window.
  • Mount additional accessories to complete your Interior Kit with the MOAB bedMonk Bunk, or Mule Storage Bags.


Ford Transit Mid Roof 148

Ford Transit High Roof 148