Terrawagen 907 Sprinter Fender Armor Kit

Terrawagen 907 Sprinter Fender Armor Kit

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Mercedes-Benz has released it's newest version of the Sprinter, again without protection for the fender arches. Don't worry we have you covered!

Our 4 piece kit gives you the protection you need to avoid those scrapes and dings. Not to mention better looks.

Easy installation, using 3M VHB tape ( Very High Bond ) simply attaches directly to the fender. No holes to drill.

Fits all 2019 and up Sprinter VS30, 2wd and 4wd, 2500, 3500.

Add the Mondo mudguards for a complete package.

* Just a note on color. The flares are made from black TPO plastic. They will seem very dark right out of the box. They will, however, tone down with UV / sunlight and a few washes in a few weeks.

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