Fire-Z Torch

Fire-Z Torch


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Kovea Fire-Z Torch

Culinary Torches aren't just for Crème Brûlée! This one-touch Piezo ignition butane touch doubles as a wickedly handy cooking tool and fire-starter.

For the kitchen, here are a few uses for your Fire-Z torch:

Steak Sous Vide – Serving up thick steak cooked sous vide while Overlanding can't be beat, but sous vide-ing doesn’t caramelize the outside of the meat! Use the blow torch for a quick sear to finish it to perfection.

Skillet Pizza – No need for an oven when you’ve got a great torch. Cook the crust in a pan then melt the cheese on top with an open flame!

Fish – Nearly any fish will do. Most fresh fish are fine to eat raw, but putting a good sear on the outside gives it a different flavour, and creates a more appealing texture.


Dimensions: 187mm x 38mm x 60mm
Fuel Type: Butane (Nozzle type gas canister)
Fuel Consumption: 130g/h (1,538kcal / 6,105BTU / 1.78kW)