Arctic Tern Wildlands Door Trailer Size 1070mm x 660mm

Arctic Tern Wildlands Door Trailer Size 1070mm x 660mm

Tern Overland

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Arctic Tern Wildlands Door Trailer Size 1070mm x 660mm

If you're looking for the finest, most rugged, predator-proof camper door on the market, the Wildlands Door is simply unmatched by any competition.

After spending 4 years in development, where it was designed for use in areas like Africa and Australia to provide protection from dangerous animals (and it presents a serious deterrent to other 2-legged animals as well!) it was refined and brought to overlanders in North America.

It features a stainless steel powder-coated #6 woven mesh, which is the largest mesh grizzly bears cannot fit a claw into, and .040 gauge wire. The door frame is recessed to foil prying paws or tools.

This allows you to sleep in safety with the outer door open in hot weather, which has traditionally been a big problem for small off-road camp trailers. The door also features a fine mesh bug screen on the outside, preventing damage from pets, and is easily replaced using conventional screen tools.

The door frame is all powder-coated aluminum with heavy-duty stainless steel latches. The single handle actuates all three latch points. The door lock shares the same German lock set as Tern Overland's cargo doors and other accessories, so everything can be keyed to match for a small fee. 

Nomad Vanz is proud to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for Tern Overland.



Size: 1070mm x 660mm



Doors are warranted by Tern Overland LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials - Click here for more info. 

Wildlands Security Door Installation Guide 

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