Vario F Seats

Vario F Seats

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scheel-mann seats are featured in our premium van conversions -- and are available now online!

The Vario F Features:

- Black checkerboard cloth cushions
- Black leatherette bolsters and arm rests
- Adjustable lower cushions and side bolsters
- 4-dimensional lumbar support 
- Heated seats and rear seat nets
- Mounting rails and mounting risers (in Medium or Tall)

If you'd like to customize your own scheel-mann seats, you can build yours now!

More About the scheel-mann Vario F:

The Vario F model seats feature unparalleled customization to create the perfect ergonomic fit, without a single gap or pinch.

The backrests have 10 adjustable configurations, with a release mechanism that allows the seat back to hinge forward, creating more room in the cabin.

The lower cushion slides forward and backward to accommodate the unique thigh length of each driver, while the upper bolsters on the sides of the back can be pivoted for a snug fit to any torso width.

Each Vario seat is equipped with our proprietary 4-dimensional lumbar support, allowing the driver to fine tune the depth and exact height for their lumbar contours.

In the F-model, the lower seat side bolsters have a smaller profile, allowing for easier entry and exit of taller vehicles.

If you're looking for maximum commuting comfort, all roads lead to the scheel-mann Vario.