Nomad Vanz Shadez Windshield Cover for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Nomad Vanz Shadez Windshield Cover for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

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Custom Sunbrella Colors may be available.
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Nomad Vanz Shadez Windshield Covers are hand-sewn in North Vancouver, BC.  They will help to keep out the heat and provide privacy during the evenings.

The cover is easily and quickly attached to the frame of the van using neodymium rare-earth magnets.

All Shadez are backed with a high-grade aluminum insulation that is both mold resistant and waterproof and finished with Nomad Vanz embroidered badges. 

Designed for Mercedes Sprinter 2007 - 2018 and the 2019+ Sprinters.

Nomad Vanz Shadez are made to order and usually have a 7-14 day lead time for manufacturing. 

This front windshield cover, is made to order so you can choose the perfect Sunbrella fabric to match your van vibe. Or opt for the classic Nomad Vanz Grey. 

**Go to for your fabric choice. (pending availability)** 

FREE Shadez storage bag with purchase. Please add the Nomad Shadez Bag to your cart and 100% discount will be applied at checkout.