Ford Transit Seat Swivels

Ford Transit Seat Swivels


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Accepting pre-orders now. Expected availability February 2021. 
This is a SCOPEMA heavy-duty, low profile seat swivel, for the Ford Transit Van. They are handed for both the driver's side and the passenger's side. They are made by one of the leading manufacturers of seat swivel bases.  Seat swivels enable the front seats to be rotated to face the rear of the van.
  • Stabilization by teflon supports
  • Steel plates 5 mm thick
  • Easy unbolt
  • Thickness 23mm
  • Automatic stoppage facing the road
  • Middle offset inner side : 30mm
  • Thickness 23mm

Additional info:

  1. Seat swivels have not been tested for DOT FMVSS 207, S4.2 , S4.3 
  2. Installer’s responsibility to meet the requirements outlined in FSVSS 207
  3. Swivels comply with TÜV  European standards


SCOPEMA swivels are not designed to be operated while under load. Use of this product when seated will cause permanent damage to the swivel mechanism and generate an audible grinding noise.

If you are experiencing unusual noise while operating the swivel after installation, this is often due to:

- Initial stiffness of the mechanism
- Insufficient lubrication 
- Improper installation
- and/or improper use of the product. 

To resolve this issue, please review the correct installation method and apply lubrication as per this diagram. 

If the issue persists, please Contact Us for support.

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