Flarespace Flares Ford Transit 148

Nomad Vanz is proud to be a partner vendor and official installer for Flarespace!

Flares are fibreglass panels that will extend the width of your van, increasing usable space and opening up new design options. The size of a bed will be flexible in width and up to 79" long. A bed can be installed 30-36" off the floor.

Have your Flares professionally installed by the Nomad Vanz Team! Please browse your options here.

  • Fibreglass panels to be paint matched to your van. 
  • Dimensions: W 28.25" x L 64.5" x D 3.25"
  • Usable space increases to 80" after installation
  • Flares come with a gel coat 300 grit finish ready for painting
  • Installation of Flares allow for 36" under bed clearance

Have your Flares professionally installed by the Nomad Vanz Team! Please browse your options here.

  • Can I purchase a single Flare?  All Flares are sold in pairs. 
  • Is there a regular depth Flare? All 148 Flares are extended depth, allowing for extra space on the interior of your van. 
  • A bed panel system can be installed between 30 and 36" from the floor.
  • Flarespace Flares for 148 Extended available by special order.  Please email 
  • Flarespace Flares are typically non-stocked.  Please email to chat about your van!

Have your Flares professionally installed by the Nomad Vanz Team! Please browse your options here.


Where are you located?
We hail from North Vancouver, Canada.

Do you only uplift Mercedes Sprinters?
We build out custom conversions for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans only. We also sell a variety of overland and van related products at

Do you work with American clients?
Yes, of course! The only caveat is that the van has to be a USA purchased Sprinter.

Do you sell the van as well?
We are only responsible for the conversion of the van, the van is supplied by you, the client. Need help finding a new Sprinter? We can help partner you with our partners over at Mercedes.

Do you work on partial conversions?
Yes, we do! We would love to hear about your project big or small, and see how we can be involved. Please note that we only install parts that are supplied by us.

What’s the price for a Nomad Vanz custom conversion?
Adventure Wagon Modular Interior: $20,000+ USD
Nomad Vanz The Canuck Build: $50,000+ USD
Nomad Vanz Premium 144”WB Custom Builds: $120,000+ USD
Nomad Vanz Premium 170”WB Custom Builds: $150,000+ USD

How long does a conversion take?
Depending on the size of the project it can be a few days, weeks or months. A full custom conversion would take between 3-4 months to complete depending on the complexity.

Can I come by and visit the shop?
All visits to our shop are booked in advance, it gives us some time to chat out a few details beforehand.

Do you offer financing?
We do not offer financing on the cost of the conversion although our partners at Mercedes do offer financing on new Sprinters.

Do you sell the bed-bench as a stand alone product?
The custom seating we showcase in our vehicles is exclusive to our full conversion clients.

What components do you use in your builds?
For information on components we use, please visit

Flares Ford Transit 148

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