CUBE Butane Gas Stove

CUBE Butane Gas Stove


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Kovea CUBE Butane Gas Stove

With a simple, elegant design that's both functional and beautiful, the Kovea CUBE stove offers performance and portability, turning every event in the van and on the road into a feast.

We highly recommend this as an additional cooktop in the Nomad Vanz Gourmet Kitchen package!

This compact single-burner stove is made of lightweight stainless-steel and runs on nozzle-canister butane fuel (not included) and  features detachable pot supports for easy cleaning, and a side opening help prevent pressure buildup. 

Optional Carry Bag sold separately.

Add: Triple Stainless Cookware L

Dimensions: 223mm x 195mm x 105mm (Inner Box)
Weight: 750g
Rate of Consumption: 130g/h (1,538kcal / 6,105BTU / 1.78kW)