Triple Stainless Cookware L

Triple Stainless Cookware L


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Kovea Triple Stainless Cookware L

Experience the incredible three ply difference! Kovea's Triple Stainless Cookware L combines layers of aluminum and stainless-steel to make the ultimate set of camping cookware.

Aluminum alone conducts heat incredibly well, but lacks adequate heat retention. While stainless-steel retains heat for a very long time, but does a poor job of distributing it evenly. 

By sandwiching aluminum between steel, you get a pan that holds heat and fully distributes it from the cook surface to the top of the rim. 

Kovea took this one step further by utilizing two types of stainless-steel in this kit: 18/10 for the inner layer, and 430 Series for the outer layer. This results in improved stick resistance and durability on the inside, and a corrosive-resistant magnetic exterior which allows for use on all cook surfaces— including the Nomad Vanz built-in diesel cooktops and induction surfaces.

We also love how this cookware set nests and stows nicely into the Nomad Vanz Gourmet Kitchen!