Froli STAR Bed Kits

Froli STAR Bed Kits


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Froli STAR Bed Kits

FROLI Star Sleep System provides incredibly comfortable and recuperative sleep.  Used in all premium custom Nomad Vanz conversions, the Froli STAR is a key component of the Nomad Vanz Sweet Dreams Package.

Package Contents

A combination of elements of different firmnesses in quantities according to bed sizes listed below:

  • Spring elements: Regular firmness (dark blue)
  • Spring Elements: Soft (light blue)
  • Matching Base Elements (grey)
  • No Star Tension Clips (red) - not necessary for optimal firmness

Double Kit

  • 96 spring elements: 80 regular, 16 elements soft (light blue), 96 base elements

Covers approximately 26.4 sq.ft. or a bed size of about 50" x 76"

Queen Kit

  • 120 spring elements: 100 regular, 20 soft (light blue), 120 base elements

Covers approximately 34 sq.ft. or a bed size of about 64" x 76"

Expansion 6-pack Kit

  • 4 regular spring elements, 2 spring elements soft (light blue), 6 base elements

Single Element

  • 1 regular or soft spring element

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