Sweet Dreams Bed Springs

Sweet Dreams Bed Springs


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Nomad Vanz Sweet Dreams Bed Springs by Froli STAR

Used in all premium custom Nomad Vanz conversions, the Froli STAR is a key component of the Nomad Vanz Sweet Dreams Package—providing incredibly comfortable and recuperative sleep. 

The system uses a combination of elements with varying firmness:

  • Regular firm springs (Dark Blue)
  • Soft springs (Light Blue)
  • Connectable base framework (Grey)

Note: Kits do not include Froli's Red Star Tension Clips, as we found they aren't necessary for optimal firmness. 

According to your selections and bed size, these elements come in the following quantities: 

Double Kit

  • 96 springs (80 regular, 16 soft) and 96 base elements
  • Covers approximately 26.4 sq ft., or a bed size of about 50" x 76".

Queen Kit

  • 120 springs (100 regular, 20 soft) and 120 base elements
  • Covers approximately 34 sq ft., or a bed size of about 64" x 76".

Expansion 6-pack Kit

  • 4 regular springs, 2 soft springs, and 6 base elements.

Single Element

  • 1 additional regular or soft spring.

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