Mercedes Sprinter Seat Swivels

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This is a heavy duty, low profile genuine FASP seat swivel designed for a Mercedes Sprinter 2007 - 2018. 

After years of testing and use, the FASP seat swivel is the only Sprinter seat swivel that has earned the Nomad Vanz stamp of approval. Compared to its competitors it has the highest build quality, durability and looks great. It is our go-to swivel used in all of our premium custom conversions.

✓ No rattle, no wobble

✓ Able to swivel with the doors closed

✓ Simple installation

✓ 60mm thickness 

✓ Approved by Nomad Vanz

Additional info:

  1. Seat swivels have not been tested for DOT FMVSS 207, S4.2 , S4.3 
  2. Installer’s responsibility to meet the requirements outlined in FSVSS 207
  3. Swivels comply with TÜV  European standards


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