Rear Door Ladder


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ROAMBUILT Rear Door Ladder

This patent pending "staircase" has 4" wide steps to ensure you make it to the roof and back safely.  The double rail design matches the ROAMBUILT SafariRack DNA. 

The passenger door placement allows for a spare tire carrier or for a storage box mount on the driver side rear door.  The ladder's step placement also minimizes rear view visual impairment.

The ROAMBUILT Rear Tube Step Bumper creates a perfectly spaced first step to the Rear Door Ladder.


  • 6000 Series Aluminum
  • 1.5" tubing
  • 4" x 12" steps
  • Mounts directly to rear door
  • Backing plates and hardware provided
  • Requires drilling on the rear door - voids factory warranty on door


COMPATIBLE: 2007-2019+