Arctic Tern Spoiler for Electric Roof Window Hatch 500x700 mm

The Arctic Tern Spoiler is recommended if the front of your electric roof hatch is exposed to oncoming high speed air or water.  Spoilers also help to reduce wind noise inside your ride.

The Arctic Tern Roof Hatch is designed to be the highest quality, meeting strict ECE standards for UV resistance and impact, and have been tested to 5000 cycles with no failure.

  • Standard roof thicknesses from 30 mm - 70 mm (1.18" - 2.75")
  • Exterior height is 5" above vehicle roof
  • Interior depth is 1" below vehicle ceiling
  • Does not have a fan
  • Requires one tube of Sikaflex 252 or similar

Nomad Vanz proudly represents Arctic Tern as the exclusive Canadian distributor.

Roof Hatch Installation Guide

Roof Hatch Operation Guide 

Considerations for Fitment 


Nomad Vanz will happily arrange shipment of Arctic Tern products anywhere in Canada. Please email to chat!


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    We hail from North Vancouver, Canada.

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    Yes, of course! The only caveat is that the van has to be a USA purchased Sprinter.

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    We are only responsible for the conversion of the van, the van is supplied by you, the client. Need help finding a new Sprinter? We can help partner you with our partners over at Mercedes.

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    Yes, we do! We would love to hear about your project big or small, and see how we can be involved. Please note that we only install parts that are supplied by us.

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    We do not offer financing on the cost of the conversion although our partners at Mercedes do offer financing on new Sprinters.

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    The custom seating we showcase in our vehicles is exclusive to our full conversion clients.

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    Arctic Tern Spoiler for Electric Roof Hatch

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