Arctic Tern Roof Hatch <br>  (500mm x 700mm)

Arctic Tern Roof Hatch
(500mm x 700mm)

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The Arctic Tern Roof Hatch is a wonderful addition to your camper or van and comes available in both manual and electric drive.  These hatches have been tested to 5000 cycles with no failure.
  • The manual hatch features a retracting and folding crank.  
  • The electric version features a German made Bosch drive motor, and a removable emergency hand crank.
  • Hatches feature a breathable seal that prevents the entry of dust, but allows for ventilation in the cabin.  
  • The dome is smoked double pane acrylic high strength ABS.
  • European made and meet strict ECE standards for UV resistance and impact. 
  • Pleated retractable screen and blind. 
  • Bright LED lighting that can be used as a primary light source within the cabin
  • 12V service required
  • The optional spoiler is recommended if the hatch is exposed to oncoming air or water with no wind break such as a roof mounted solar panel.

Roof Hatches are warranted by Tern Overland LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials - Click here for more info. 

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