Laser Cut Insulation Kit

Adventure Wagon

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Adventure Wagon Laser Cut Insulation Kit

Laser cut insulation to precisely fit your Sprinter van walls and ceiling. Each insulation piece is labeled for a smooth installation, and are packaged into two boxes stacked in the order of how to most efficiently install into the van.

In the Box

  • 85 pieces of  3M #710 GSM Automotive Thinsulate laser cut insulation panels,  60 linear feet
  • 1 extra 3' x 5' panel
  • 1 roll 3M double-sided tape


  • Saves 3-4 hours of installation time:
  • eliminates the need to make templates
  • eliminates cutting 85 individual pieces of insulation
  • unpack from shipping boxes in the order needed for installation
  • buy exactly what you need
  • no need to purchase one or more pairs of heavy scissors
  • eliminates waste
  • eliminates frustration and sore hands from spending hours cutting insulation
  • increases van comfort in both cold and warm weather


  • 3M #710 GSM Automotive Thinsulate
  • Double black scrim
  • Double embossed
  • 44 mm lofted thickness