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North American Release:
ACGB Replacement Fuel Tank for Mercedes Sprinter

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Exceptional Quality

ACGB tanks are a full aluminum replacement of the factory fuel tank.
There are no fuel transfer pumps or secondary fuel filler ports to install or contend with.
Tanks are manufactured in France in an ISO certified manufacturing facility to an extraordinary level of quality.

Client Demand

Previous versions of this newly re-engineered and improved tank are proving to be a favorite of Sprinter van conversion clients across North America.
The extended range, affordable upgrade, high quality and low maintenance, make this an easy and desirable upgrade for van clients.

Installer Value

Ease of install (for you) and attractive margins make this a great choice to offer to your clients.

Technical Aspects

* 185L /48.9 Gallon replacement fuel tank for 2019+ 4x4 R34 European regulation compliant
* Complies with Directive 70/221 / EEC relating to fuel tanks
* Interface to standard or non-standard components (sensors, filters etc.)
* Fixing systems with brackets or cradles and straps are integrated for maximum capacity
* Optimum permeability compliant with regulations PZEV,LEV II
* Aluminium 5000 series manufacturing, offers lightness and rigidity
* Mounts in place of the original tank (70 liters or 100 litre)
* Equipped with a frontal impact safety device
* Fixed by 4 or 6 fixing points
* The mounting kit and assembly instructions are delivered to you with the tank
* Installation time: ~1.5h

About ACGB


For more than 40 years, ACGB’s Expert engineering team have been working on inventive, technical, made to measure tanks which both respond and exceed your exacting requirements

With ACGB, you receive an SME's flexibility and attention to detail coupled with the methods and compliance standards specific to each major industrial sector.

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