About Us

Hand picked conversion products tested and approved by Nomad Vanz.

At the Nomad Vanz webstore, we're bringing you the curated collection of top-quality products used in our premium custom conversions. Each item has been thoroughly road-tested and matched against the competition, in order to earn our stamp of approval. We've done all the research, now your build gets to benefit!


What you build with matters!
Our promise is the finest quality!


Our Mission:
Expanding horizons.

This promise of quality is an expression of our mission: Expanding horizons. 
We seek to push the limits of innovation and possibility in our industry, while empowering others with the equipment they need to comfortably embark on adventures through the most challenging terrain and go where they could never have gone before. 

We make this possible through
our three core values



We commit to producing the best van conversions on the market, and bringing only the finest products to your garage, whether you're a professional builder or humble DIY'er. Every item we sell must be thoroughly vetted, and something we would be thrilled to purchase and use ourselves. We do not select products based on their profit margins. Only by their genuine proof of being best-in-class.



We believe that happy customers make for happy work. When our customers are thrilled with our work and our products, we succeed in our mission. As our industry is a very close group, some clients are also our suppliers, or friends from trade shows. And we extend the same care to all customers as we would to them. We honor your trust in us. Every client who chooses Nomad Vanz should walk away delighted with the experience. 



Our company can only thrive through respectful collaboration. If we work together, we grow together. We believe that people who work well as a team, and are generously supportive, will shine. Diversity of thinking is the secret to success, so we're always looking for new ways to improve the company and make things better for all involved.