Arctic Tern Euro Door <br>  (1810mm x 600mm)

Arctic Tern Euro Door
(1810mm x 600mm)

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The Euro Door features the styling and high quality typically found in European camper components. With European made double locking system, acrylic glazing and double seals, these doors feel like a bank vault closing!
  • Powder coated aluminum exterior surfaces, substantial insulation, and ABS interior panels.  
  • Rounded corners prevent cracking in composite walls.  
  • Double glazed window features a retractable roller blind.  
  • European, fine mesh roller screen door.   
  • Motorhome approved double catch latching systems to prevent accidental opening.  
  • Available in right hinge.
  • Waste bin in door
  • ABAT vent
  • Sturdy interior handle

    Euro Doors are warranted by Tern Overland LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials - Click here for more info. 

    For additional info visit: Tern Overland

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