The Silent Ride - 2 mm Sound and Damping Sheets

The Silent Ride - 2 mm Sound and Damping Sheets

Nomad Vanz

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Nomad Vanz The Silent Ride - 2 mm Sound and Damping Sheets


Stop those nasty rattles, eliminate road and outside noise, insulate your vehicle, and dramatically improve on-the-road travels in your van!

The Vibro Solution 2 mm sound and damping material uses mass loading to lower panel resonance and absorb structural vibrations, converting them into low level heat.

The mats are very flexible to allow contouring around all the van panels. For best results, we recommend four boxes per van.

  • 2 mm Vibrodamping material
  • Butyl Construction
  • Mastic High Adhesive
  • 0.1 mm BLACK Aluminium Top Panel
  • Special Deep Tension Anti-Resonance top
  • Sheet size: 375 x 265 mm
  • 20 Sheets/box
  • Total volume pack coverage: 2sq.m (20sq.ft.)
  • Package weight: 12.1lbs