3M Thinsulate SM600L 5’ x 30”

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3M Thinsulate SM600L 5’ x 30”

3M Thinsulate™ is the cream of the insulation crop! Making your drives, sleeps, and downtime as comfortable and quiet as possible.

Their automotive SM600L has extremely efficient sound absorption properties, delivering more absorption per unit weight than competitive products.

The hydrophobic, non-woven, sound-absorbing fibers (65% polypropylene, 35% polyester) create a quieter vehicle environment and cut weight, while eliminating the hassle of installing additional waterproofing. The materials also make it lighter, safer, and easier to handle than fiberglass, PET, felt, and foam.

To apply the white fiber side to your van skin, 3M 90 Adhesive Spray is recommended, or double-sided, pressure-sensitive tape.

And if you’ll be using this product to fully insulate your van, our recommended number of units are as follows:

  • 144WB / 148 Ford Transit: 20 units (100 linear feet)
  • 170WB: 24 units (120 linear feet)
  • 170EXT WB: 28 units (140 linear feet.)
  • 5 feet long, 30 inches wide
  • Factory-compressed and rolled, expands to roughly 1.75”/44mm
  • Polyester and polypropylene fibers
  • Black polypropylene scrim on one side
  • Most, moisture, and mildew resistant in even the most humid conditions
  • Temperature resistant to 120°C
  • Non-flammable and self-extinguishing
  • FMVSS 302 certified (federal motor vehicle safety standard)