Arctic Tern Window <br> (300mm x 500mm)

Arctic Tern Window
(300mm x 500mm)

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These high quality windows meet the needs of all camper van, RV and overland travellers.  Unlike slider windows, the entire window opens for maximum ventilation.  They have double acrylic glazing and meet strict European ECE standards. 

  • For the 300 mm window size, opening is set at 10 and 35 degrees
  • For all other window sizes, opening is set at 20,40 and 60 degrees.
  • A  semi-lock position that allow air in during inclement weather
  • Complete blind and screen assembly
  • Heavy duty powder coated aluminum frame
  • UV resistant, double pane, grey acrylic glazing
  • Telescopic strut supports hold window securely when open
  • High quality rubber seals
  • Three panel thicknesses:24-34mm, 34-44mm, and 44-54mm
  • Custom made expansion rings available for thicker wall thicknesses

Windows are warranted by Tern Overland, LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials - Click here for more info.

For additional info visit: Tern Overland Windows