Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed

Adventure Wagon MOAB Elevator Bed

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Welcome to MOAB - the Mother Of All Beds. The patent-pending system will reinvent how you look at your sleep and cargo options inside your van. The MOAB platform provides one of the lightest and strongest van bed systems out there. The MOAB bed provides the flexibility of different height and width mounting options inside your van with three individual telescoping panels. For safety, these panels lock into place to keep them secured under load and movement. *** The locks MUST be engaged to insure safety!

Total length is 77" long at the bed center, and 67" wide. Each of the smaller panels is 23" x 67" and the larger rear panel is 31" deep.

Accept no substitutes! No other Sprinter bed is built with this quality or designed with safety as the number one priority.


  • 2007-2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van model 144 & 170
  • Sprinter high roof or low roof in either cargo, crew, and passenger versions


  • Configure the MOAB as an adjustable bed or shelving system
  • Three lightweight telescoping panels constructed with a strong aluminum frame and bamboo plywood surfaces allowing you to raise or lower the bed quickly
  • Each panel is expanded in place by a gas strut that exerts 15lbs of pressure onto the track system for a tight fit
  • Remove the panels instantly to provide walk through space in your vehicle


  • Strong, lightweight panels
  • Install and remove panels in seconds
  • Easily stowed to maximize cargo capacity.
  • Simple to raise and lower bed position
  • MOAB bed requires the Wall Track & Bracer Kit  - sold separately
    • Each kit requires drilling and installing wall bracers, L-track, and bed rail into the vertical support beams in your van for support and structure. 
    • If you have Adventure Wagon's Modular Interior System in your van then you already have the needed track and bracers installed.

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