Auxilliary Battery Tray

Auxilliary Battery Tray

Adventure Wagon

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Adventure Wagon Auxilliary Battery Tray

  • 2007-18 Sprinter
  • Does not fit 2019+ Sprinters


Looking to add extra batteries to your Sprinter van?  The tray will support two group GC2 6 volts batteries that can provide up to 220 amp hours of reserve storage.  Works in vans with or without the OEM under hood auxiliary battery.  

The system utilizes the OEM auxiliary battery mounts under the hood.  If you already have the OEM extra battery, our system replaces the stock mount/tray and you will more than double your capacity.

Please note, some vans have the ECU (Engine Control Unit) located in the same area that the auxiliary battery will be installed. If your ECU is located on the driver's side of the engine compartment, there is an optional bracket that allows you to easily re-mount it in front of our battery tray. Adds only a few minutes to the installation and keeps the ECU accessible if needed.


  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van Model 144 & 170 (2007-2018 models. DOES NOT FIT 2019+)
  • Designed to fit the Trojan Group GC2 batteries and Fullriver batteries
  • Fullriver DC224-6 battery measures 9.65" tall x 7.09" wide x 10.24" long.
  • There are variations in case size from other manufacturers so check your measurements.
  • Mountable under the hood
  • Powder coated
  • Secure attachment points
  • Wire into the main electrical system
  • Batteries not included

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