Adventure Wagon Pre-Cut Wall & Ceiling Insulation Kit, Sprinter 144

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Custom-cut insulation made to precisely into every cavity in your Sprinter van walls and ceiling. Each piece is labeled so you know where it goes, and they are packaged in two boxes in the order of how they most easily install in the van.

The 3M #710 GSM Automotive Thinsulate is double black scrim, double embossed and lofts to a 44mm thickness.

In the Box

  • 85 custom-cut insulation panels, totaling approximately 60 linear feet
  • 1 extra 3' x 5' panel
  • 1 roll 3M double-sided tape


  • Saves 3-4 hours of installation time:
  • eliminates the need to make templates
  • eliminates cutting 85 individual pieces of insulation
  • unpack from shipping boxes in the order needed for installation
  • Saves money
  • buy exactly what you need
  • no need to purchase one or more pairs of heavy scissors
  • Eliminates waste
  • no over-buying
  • no tiny scraps filling the garbage
  • Eliminates frustration and sore hands from spending hours cutting insulation
  • Increasing van comfort in both cold and warm weather


  • 3M #710 GSM Automotive Thinsulate
  • Double black scrim
  • Double embossed
  • 44 mm lofted thickness

DIY or Certified Adventure Wagon Installer
Watch our installation - Insulation Install